Kirsties Vintage Christmas

Kirstie’s Vintage Christmas

Kirsties Vintage Christmas

Kirstie Allsopp continues to spread her love of all things vintage and handmade as she looks to the past for inspiration to help create the perfect family Christmas. From Victorian festive touches to the Germanic origins of many of our modern traditions, from beautiful decorations to delectable foodie treats, Kirstie’s Vintage Christmas will be sure to get everyone into the holiday spirit.

Kirstie’s festive merriment is in preparation for a big Christmas shindig that she is throwing for the families who she helped in her “Vintage Home” series.

She’ll track down the perfect Christmas tree with her favourite DIY novice Nick Harrington and join him in manning up to chainsaw it down. Then Kirstie will dress the tree with Victorian inspired ‘Kissing Balls’ decorations.

Chef Richard Hunt will teach her to cook up a hearty recipe for the party called ‘Christmas in a Cup’ using Venison - another favourite in the Victorian era. To decorate the party table in style, Kirstie will take on one of her biggest crafting projects ever – welding a massive candle centerpiece with the help of artisan crafter ‘Mistress Metal’.

And Iman Ahmed, who Kirstie transformed into a king crafter in the “Vintage Home” series, will help her build a beautiful traditional wooden toboggan with carpenter and furniture designer James Harvey.

This year Kirstie will also be delving into the fairytale festivities at Munich’s famous Christmas Market. And she’ll have last minute decorations, gift ideas and, of course, the perfect cocktail to give the party some pazazz! In true Allsopp style it promises to be a very vintage Christmas!