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An outdoor adventure holiday lends itself to lots of different vehicles so, not surprisingly, Phil spends both trips in a state of high excitement. His choice of accommodation in the Atlas Mountains has lovely rooms and very reasonable prices, yes, but more importantly it has quad bikes. Throw in camel rides and river-tubing and this holiday has it all! Sadly for Phil his enjoyment of the river tubing is dampened by the fact that, despite almost refusing to get on the river, Kirstie’s much better at it than him.

Luckily Kirstie’s luxury trip to Iceland more than compensates for this disappointment. For starters the hardware is a bit fancier than it was in Morocco, so quad bikes are traded for skidoos with heated handlebars and camel-treks are replaced by helicopters rides that dip within feet of the icy glaciers.

A survey of iconic sights Brits would most like to see in 2011 put the Northern Lights in the top spot, so, slaves to the cause as ever, Phil and Kirstie make seeing them a priority. And someone ends up with a tear in their eye… (if you go to our Facebook page you can guess who!)

Featured Services


Rooms at this hotel in the Atlas Mountains cost £20 per night.

The hotel also has its own quad bikes, available for £57 for half a day.

Hotel Ranga
This hotel's themed rooms are available for £150 per night.


River Tubing
Tubing down the river costs £50 for a 90 minute trip.

Glacier 4x4 Trip & Snowmobile Riding
This day trip costs £110.

Helicopter Tour
Kirstie & Phil's helicopter tour cost £279 per person to be picked up from the hotel’s helipad, but is available for £96 from Reykjavik.

Blue Lagoon
Entry is £23 per person for the whole day, and kids go free.