Vacation Vacation Vacation


Love is in the air this week as Vacation, Vacation, Vacation probes two very different holiday destinations. From a ninth century castle to a tropical beach hut, Kirstie & Phil find out that romance comes in all shapes and sizes.

Actually Kirstie is always telling Phil size doesn’t matter. When it comes to budget, that is. And this week she’s taking him to the modest end of Catalonia, where love blossoms under the stars... Plus, no romantic break should be without something going bump in the night – unfortunately for Phil though, it’s just his haunted hotel room.

Next trip, bulging wallet in hand, Phil persuades Kirstie “non-stop” Allsopp to slow her usually strident pace. It’s a desert island destination with nothing but sun, sea, sand and seclusion to while away the hours. Fortunately for Kirstie this resort in the Maldives has a few more amenities than Robinson Crusoe had - but can a couples’ spa treatment and a beach picnic really be enough to justify the cost of this hotspot?

Oh and one very important piece of advice for your romantic holiday from Phil. Make sure you take your other half, not your colleague and a camera crew.

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Prador de Cardona
Kirstie & Phil stayed here on a year-round special offer for a five night stay, which costs £440.

Cocoa Island
A standard villa, like the ones Kirstie & Phil stayed in costs £3,500.

The couple's spa treatment they took was £150.


Star Gazing
Observatori Castelltallat
A place in a group trip to the observatory is £12.

All prices calculated winter 2010-11.