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Phil takes charge of the budget trip, getting in touch with his rural roots at an authentic Tuscan farm stay, where the rooms are cheap as long as you don’t mind your slumber being disturbed by loud livestock.

One of the charms of a farm stay is that you can get involved with the day-to-day routine, like feeding the goats. Luckily, once the animals are satisfied Phil and Kirstie get well fed too. They learn how to make authentic Italian cuisine with the farm owners and find out if it’s really worth the hassle of making and rolling your own pizza dough.

With Kirstie in charge of the luxury trip, rustic charm gives way to serious indulgence. With suites in one of Tuscany’s most expensive hotels and a seven course tasting menu for dinner, without a pizza in sight, we get serious about finding the very best that this part of Italy has to offer. And what could be better than a tour of Tuscany’s finest vineyards – in a helicopter!



Le Baccane Guesthouse
The rooms Kirstie & Phil stayed in are available for £175 per week on a B&B basis.

Dinner, including the cooking lesson, costs £15.

Hotel Il Salviatino
Phil’s suite was £1,150, while Kirsite’s is available from £2,000.


Helicopter Trip
Air-Dynamic Aviation Services
A private charter costs £6,000, though group trips are available from £600.

Wine Tasting
Castello Gabbiano Vineyard Tour
The tour and tasting costs £12.